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Comstock Greeting Cards Accepting Artist Submissions

TinaLynnLove started this conversation


How do I submit samples of artwork?

Please do not send original artwork. We will look at any format of samples - good quality colour photocopies, photographs, slides, and Polaroids, as well as digital submissions on CD-ROM. Submissions may be sent via email or fax. Please keep the file sizes small. Faxed submissions will not be returned. If you want submissions returned, send via snail mail with a SASE.

You can send a selection of up to a dozen sample ideas to:

Artist Submissions
Comstock Cards, Inc.
600 South Rock Blvd. #15
Reno, NV 89502
Email Submissions:

Please send in a selection of approximately 10 to 12 samples. The size and shape of the artwork does not matter at this stage as we can scale and crop artwork (without damaging the work). All work that we receive is discussed in a product meeting and we will decide whether it is suitable for publication, or the artistsÕ style is suitable to be commissioned.

Everything is returned by mail after consideration, so please include a stamped addressed envelope (SASE) with your work, and, if needed, a protective wallet for the safe return of your work. All work submitted without a SASE will be disgarded after 30 days. If you submit via email, and email will be sent back to you with a response.
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Address Change for Submissions - CMP - 5245 Vista Blvd #F3-195, Sparks, NV 89436
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